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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 15, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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completed the crews can remove this section of the old bridge. once that is gone, caltrans can connect to the new bay bridge to interstate 80. eventually all traffic will be rerouted onto the new eastern stand. when the new bridge is finished in 2013 billing configurations should look something like this.
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eastern span into san francisco. there will also be more public transit options than normal. bart will be running overnight service in some stations and ac transit buses will be linking up to bart night service stations and there will be more ferries on the bay going from the east bay to san francisco during this weekend's closer. for a complete list of public transit options week that a link on our web site.
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>>pam: day after party in linden, crews have already covered -- recovered more than 1000 fragments of bone. speed freak keller led the least to the site. this is one of the several sites he has offered to police. they have already identified the remains of two females. j.r stone brings you up-to- date on the investigation. >>j.r.: behind me, you can see that the sheriff's office is still guarding this area, not allowing anyone in.
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the >> there were pieces of concrete and steel, once we got past that we got to the human remains. we plan to send a camera down there. we want to make sure before we reseal the well.
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>>pam: experts say what is happening on this remote stride is potentially destroying evidence. one man says he is horrified at how the crews are processing the same. >> take a look at this large kate created by a backup. one man says highly trained archeologists should be here examining the soil taken from small selected
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sites before large machinery was brought in. if bonds are discovered, all quit mission be turned off and parked far away, but as you can see, that is not what is happening. this tobacco was left sitting in the well. see the way these people are walking on the ground near the uncovered wealth? leading experts in fighting and identifying bodies say that this is all wrong, pedestrian walkovers should be the dow is to protect the ground underneath for later review. also, forensic criminologists say specially trained dogs who can sniff out human remains should be on the ready to help point investigators in the right direction to dig however, there have been no signs of dogs brought in. in addition, look at the view from above, it looks as though the area is completely exposed. experts say that this is eight potential fatal mistake.
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there should be shock resistant containers and evidence bags to protect evidence gathered. tents should also be cut up to make sure when or rain does not contaminate critical evidence. >>pam: listened as they defend their actions. >> the bones are not getting crashed, we're bringing an to the surface and we're sifting through these by hand. >>pam: none of the remains have been missing -- has been connected to missing hayward girl of mckayla garrett. derrick was last seen in 1988. >>pam: one bay area mother is hoping the investigation
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will uncover evidence in her daughter's unsolved murder. her daughter was killed back in 1998 and her remains were found eight days after she disappeared while walking back from a dance. maureen kelly spoke with her mother who says she got word today that its board investigators are planning to look into whether the siegfried fillers are in any way connected to her murder. >> homicide investigators came to see her today to let her know they plan to go to london once investigators there have a finished searching. >> i am hoping there is some connection to my daughter. >> they will be looking for items of leases that have yet to turn out 13 years after her body was found. many is trying not to get her hopes up. >> i have to tell myself, stop that!
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>> she has been on this roller-coaster before, as recently as 2009. class of
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>>pam: inside the crime lab where bomb victims are identified. >> we take a tool to cut into the bone. >>pam: in front of our elementary on of still, a girl was walking to school when a man ran up behind her, covered her mouth and try to pull her away. the suspect is described as an african-american man in his 30s with a heavy build and scar on his upper left cheek. also in san francisco an update on a story we told you about last night. a man run over by a shuttle
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bus. we were the first station to breathe new >>jaqueline: is a breezy but the winds are expected to died down overnight. details on the temperatures coming up the serious >>pam: we will tell you why the government save pennies and the missiles are worth more than you think. for >>grant: police say how the
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other robberies in san francisco are for electronic devices in the these are targeting smart phones. that is coming up in my tech report.
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>>grant: tmz is reporting that would be used in was drinking heavily on the day of for debt. one addiction expert says with her history of alcohol and drug abuse, the legal medications found in her room where a prescription for disaster. >> why would a doctor ever provide a nose added something like xanax. >>grant: xanax was one of the tranquilizers found in her room and there were of
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legal prescriptions for lorazepam end of volume. >> xanax is highly addictive. it is very lude altering and it is extremely dangerous when combined with alcohol. then, you put yourself in a hot tub and it is a prescription for disaster. >>grant: houston's body was found under water in her bathtub. investigators say the small amount of water in her lungs indicates she did not drown. the dusters began released the cause of death as deferred. her teenage daughter was hospitalized twice over the weekend and has been released for treatment of stress and ignited. her father released a statement saying there she is doing much better and added that she is dealing with the tragedy of her mother's debt and would prefer to do it outside of the public side. >>craig: houston's funeral in newark, new jersey will be closed to the funeral. there is speculation that her husband would be barred
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from the gathering but no one has confirmed that. >>pam: penn state university says they have spent millions of dollars dealing with a sex abuse investigation in the suspected coverup. jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing at least 10 boys. several penn state administrators face charges pertaining to not reporting the limited use. the university says dealing with the scandal has cost more than $3 million. so far that includes legal consultant and public relations these. sandusky is expected to go to trial in may. a drug company is warning that counterfeits of its best-selling cancer drugs are being sold. it is used for colon, lung, kidney and brain cancer.
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it is packaged in south san francisco. >>pam: the president wants new pennies and nickels to be put together differently. each had been alcosta 0.3 cents in each nickel cost 11.2 cents. the president has asked kind kris to change the recipe. xi >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside for a heavily ski resort. it is cloudy with plenty of snow as the storm's force through. locally, sunny skies and a gorgeous weather. it has been a little bit breezy. current wind speeds are in the teens. we are expecting the winds died down overnight. if they died out completely we will be in for a very cold night. the place is this the wind will be more mild overnight.
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into the afternoon, sunny and warm conditions. let's take a look at future cats. this computer model does keep the wind speeds up overnight especially in places like fairfield. it looks like the wins will die down just long enough for temperatures to really drop off between 5:00 a.m.- 7:00 a.m.. oakland, no wind at all. it's it's let's take a look at our afternoon highs. it will be warmer tomorrow and feel warmer with less wind in place.
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here is a look at the satellite and radar picture. the storm that affected us last night was pushed to the south today. dry conditions that the chance of rain friday and saturday coming here is a look at future cast. the rate approaches into friday evening but not very organized. here is a look at the extended forecast. mild conditions of the next couple of days. there is still a slight chance of light showers sunday and monday. let's take a look at the ski report.
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when >>gabe: be aware when you're walking around set for cisco would get it. police say half of all facets include gadgets. smart phone are sold for under $2 with a two-year contract, that is a subsidized price. these hand-held computers are worth upwards of sudbury $700-$800. they're calling on the fcc to require the carrier is disabled phones that have been stolen. austria has a system like that in place, it is put on
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a blocked list and can never be used again. debt security measure has lowered phones that's in australia.
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ninth and ninth health care
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and make a quick check of shot in sentences go kiss 80 is barely moving into quite sluggish. the bottom of your screen is a southbound 101 traffic. we'll be right back.
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>>pam: it is being called "lin-sanity" and it is all over the world. jeremy lin has become an instant star in the nba. grant lodes is here with his latest heretics. >>grant: pupil cannot get enough of this story. jeremy lin when to palo alto high school, he is now the biggest thing going in the big apple. his legend is sweeping the
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world. >>grant: another win for jeremy lin serious he gave the knicks their sixth straight victory. he was not heavily recruited out of high school, he added up at harvard and did not get drafted into the nba. his favorite team, the warriors signed him, but he did not play much and he was cut before the season started kif that he was cut by the houston rockets, but he has no hard feelings. >> i have no hard feelings towards any organization. he ended up with the next who were about to release him last tuesday but injuries forced him into the lineup and he capitalized. he was crushing of his brothers couch before getting his contract guaranteed last tuesday. now, he is living in
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luxury, renting it david lees apartment in trump tower complete with a views, a fall, outdoor basketball court and yes, a bed. >>craig: his relatives in taiwan watch is a win last night. both of his parents are 5 1/6 inches, he is six the three edges fifth full figure carried he scored at least 20 points in each of its first five starts. coming up in sports, our sports director, gary radnich has his high school coach in the studio for some good old-fashioned i told you so. for people looking for jobs in california. a new economic forecast predicts california well at at least half a million jobs over the next two years. the forecast calls for growth of roughly 1.5 percent over the remainder of this year and next.
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>> we did about a quarter of a million jobs last year. , tech and health care are the perennial fast-growing areas. i think to that will be the year for the rest of the economy. uc the restaurants fill it up into the stores to let up in silicon valley as people have more income and the the stock market goes up.
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of tourism is up a little. california had record exports last year. tech and tourism are what is driving a right now. >>pam: of the president will be dropping in on aid fund raisers over the next two days.
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the the president also the nob hill to rally supporters there before will not to his next stop. today the president toward the master block factory in a wisconsin in called for tax cuts for american manufacturers who bring jobs back to the united states. the company is bringing back 100 jobs which were previously outsource. >> the president is speaking
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in popularity again for the first time in eight months. his approval rating is at least 50%. a new poll suggests a majority of americans would also selected above any of the current republican candidates. >> a look at high temperatures for today. >>jaqueline: the wins are a little bit lighter right now
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but will get into the forties once the sun comes down.
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paul roof
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>>pam: it driver loses control in crashes into a gas station aired a price the piece of jewelry stolen at an airport security checkpoints. kiberlee sakamoto is here with videos that will have the talking. >>kimberlee: police say the driver was speeding when he lost control of the car. you can see the car plowed into the gas station in alabama. the driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated. no one else was injured. the building sustained major
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damage. check this out. watch as this woman picks up her purse and coat but look closely, she forgot something, her rolex watch worth several thousand dollars. now, watch as the guy behind her grabs his coach and goes to pick up his laptop the books and sees the role likes it there. he picks it up near the ticket with him. he continued on to a nearby bench to put this to win watch and his laptop in his backpack and then it just walked away. take a look at this. this singer/songwriter in misery custom build this star wars guitar complete with our td 2 and 8 millennium a dolphin boy body. it has working lights and sounds. stay with us. more news straight ahead.
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>>pam: the dow is down more than 97 and the nasdaq down 16. the s&p 500 down more than 7000 points.
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>> agrees is a small company. they do not have a lot of exports. they will never be able to catch up. >>pam: another loser today >> ron stopped crude exports to france and the netherlands and said that they will cut other european countries.
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>>pam: the estate of whitney's gin, music sales have soared since her death. >> her estate is doing just fine. she sold $64,000 in just 24 hours after the news of her death. in the past week she has outsold retired last year. >>pam: some of those sales involve songs written by other people.
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>> this is a real business. the as of the rights is 80 percent of the time what american model is on the cover of sports illustrated. since 1978, that is a setting investment. >>jaqueline: wins are dying down and a number of spots. if the winds died down
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completely we will have very cold conditions. into tomorrow afternoon sunny and warm temperatures and below-made even upper 60s in some places.
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>>jaqueline: here is a look at your extended forecast. mild conditions of the next couple of days. a 20 percent chance of light rain. we have a couple more shots of rain on sunday and monday but it does not look very likely at this point. cooler temperatures and classic conditions. >>pam: >> it is also in this year to date. we have gotten 18 in. of new
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snow. mountain skiing is great. >> snow levels were at 2,000 ft.. this is as light air to dry as it gets. i encourage people to check it out. it should be an awesome weekend. we have some great events. >>pam: are all of the runs open? >> we open to the entire upper mountain today. there is a lot of variety. we have agreed beginner slopes at odds of intermediate groomers and we have double black diamond
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>>pam: of for many americans ignoring unknown phone numbers has become an all too familiar tactic for avoiding telemarketers. today the sec unveiled new rules to restrict those pesky robocop else. it's >> there are currently 209 million phone numbers on the national do not call registry exempting them from most telemarketer calls. we still get annoying calls anyway. under new rules approved by the fcc even hundreds of numbers will be better protected from automated calls. the rules are expected to close some of loopholes. even the new rules do not like a live phone calls made by person. under the new guidelines,
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telemarketers will need customer's written permission to make automated calls if its companies with existing relationships with customers such as banks would mean that as well. telemarketers for a half to give the choice of opting and although kantor calls during fame robocop. if you opt out the company cannot legally call your number again. there are a few exceptions, informational calls for school closings will be allowed. here is an interesting addition. consumers will be able to sue companies in violation of those rules. >>pam: at 6:00 p.m., kron4 continuing coverage of the speed freak killers and victims surged nearly did. tonight, we look at the chilly in math drawn by one of the killers and how investigators are adding more names to the list of potential victims. >>pam: if you get inside his infection you may want to skip the antibiotics.
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what did new study found about your health. >>jaqueline: crystal clear skies. as the sun goes down we're in for a cold night. details coming up next. for when and
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>>pam: kron4 has recovered with the details on the bay bridge closure.
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>>pam: of smith first phase in a gruesome task of searching for the victims and a serial killing do is over. investigators say they have finally reached the bottom of the well of a sandlot game farm. costs >>j.r.: of to in this area is closed off because investigators are busy sorting through bone fragments.
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>> and our last 5-7 by piles of debris there have been very low blows. we want to nelson the canada mayor. we want to be sure before we reseal the well fit for the net will take a look at the second well. >> there is a possibility that more abetted well sites will be searched in addition to the second sight.
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>>pam: the bullet fragments have started to arrive at a department of justice crime laboratory in richmond. >> of a hot line has been established at a number of families have been calling. virgos we do not have dna for, we would like to get their dna. that crime lab has the largest living quarters and databases in the region if gramm out of that property to belong to the family of
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cars all pit this is the wall that investigators have been digging at. shermantine refers to this as her thoughts valera. this entire matter is a part of a shermantine group. according to shermantine, is a radio tower has a well underneath and there are both in there as well. he says there are more remains at that location that where there currently digging. >>pam: yesterday we told you about a list of missing persons that could be in that well. a warehouse and was reported missing back in 1986 and the deal marks was last seen in
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1988, both from stockton. kron4 has learned that private investigators have compiled their own list of possible victims which includes these two women. it has not been confirmed that these women are a part of the investigation. alejandra cerball takes a closer look at how investigators came up with their list. stubhub of >> private investigators say they have compiled fissile list of possible victims. soft they say 30 people were reported missing in the central valley in the 1980's, on balance including the women that you see here. they believe there remains to be among those found. investigators say they compiled this list by looking at where these 11 were last seen and the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. >>pam: the ex-wife of wesley shermantine is speaking out
6:05 pm
for the first time. she opens up about their destructive marriage and why she believes there are more remains to be found. >>kimberlee: sherry shermantine did not want to go on camera but in her first interview she revealed a lot about this man, her ex-husband. >> he was very violent, very hot headed. he was into drugs periods when he started smoking drugs is what it started going downhill. she >> they had two sons together. she left him in 2003. fists shot she said he never openly admitted to the killings, but there were pieces that she and her son put together. >> i let my kids draw their
6:06 pm
own conclusions. they came to the same conclusion that i did, that he did it. >>kimberlee: she says he called her last year at christmas time and at that time told her about finding the remains in linden. she said she often wonders whether her life was spirit. >> they will find more remains than what they have already found. >>pam: still would kron4 for continuing coverage of the search for victims. >>pam: in marin county judge approved one they still
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being able to represent himself in court. he is suspected of killing four women in the '80s and '90s. he will be back in court on february 29th. >>pam: sam browne belt officials are upset with how negotiations are going with ddt. eight people died and 38 homes destroyed when a natural gas pipeline directed back and september 2010. pg&e has set up a fund but they say cox recently broken out about establishing a multimillion-dollar fund today, the mayor of san bruno expressed his frustration. >> we have concentrated on
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rebuilding the city. we have not said a lot about the internal we're working now with pg&e >>pam: key dna officials say it are determined to get back to the negotiating table. >>pam: we are closing in on a major closure of the westbound lanes of the bay bridge. caltrans needs to close the bridge over this coming presidents' day weekend in keep work on the new eastern span. charles crawford is live with us tonight with how the plan could impact you. >> caltrans feels confident
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that they can move forward. the closing schedule to start at 8:00 p.m. friday night and continue until 5:00 a.m. next tuesday morning. the closure only applies to the westbound lanes. the eastbound lanes will remain open all weekend. once the westbound lanes are shut down caltrans crews will get to work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> once westbound traffic is shut down the cruise will move in to finish building a short detour that will reroute who westbound traffic, once that detour is completed and traffic reopened, the crews will be able to remove this section of the old bridge. once that is gone caltrans can connect to the bay bridge to interstate 80 and eventually all traffic will be rerouted onto the new eastern span and the old
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roadway removed. when the new bridge is finished in 2013, lane configuration is should look something like this. >> yerba buena island and treasure island will be accessible but only from san francisco. >>pam: we have informations on detours and transportation options on our web site.
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>>jaqueline: we are monitoring temperatures. more on the weather coming up. softs chief role said
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>>grant: reports of an earthquake that has hit 3 mi. south of vallejo. it has not shown up just yet, we do not know how big it is, it is centered about 3 mi. south of a vallejo.
6:15 pm
>> it was a sharp jolt. my wife gets is that it was a 3.2 magnitude.
6:16 pm
>>grant: a 3.7 magnitude earthquake in a sharp jolt. we will have continuing coverage. >>pam: and these men are suspected bank robbers. police say they robbed the union bank branch and got away with a few hundred dollars. yesterday police say the same man robbed a wells fargo branch on santa teresa in got away with $7,000 in cash. investigators say a former
6:17 pm
police officer saw the man running for the bank and were able to write down the license plate number of their getaway car. officers tracked the man to a home in salinas and they were arrested. police are looking into the possibility that the suspects are responsible for other similar bank robberies. >>pam: apple's ceo is speaking out about the controversies surrounding conditions in china. poor working and living conditions were uncovered. today, during an event in san francisco, tim cook said that apple takes working conditions very seriously, wherever the workers are located. >> no one in our industry is doing more to improve working conditions that apple. we are constantly auditing facilities in going deep into the supply chain, looking for problems and finding problems and fixing
6:18 pm
problems. >>pam: his comments come after the announcement that an independent watchdog group has started auditing conditions at plants in china which makes most of apple's products including iphones and ipad. >>jaqueline: let's take a look at where that earth quake hit. we will keep you posted on any developments. as for the weather, the winds have been a breezy. they have been dying down this evening. if the winds stay calm overnight we will have to get the winds down to the single digits and we will have a very cold conditions. clear skies overhead. very dry air. temperatures in the 30's into tomorrow morning.
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here is a look at the morning lows. 32 in napa, 32 and concord, 33 in redwood city. certainly a very chilly start today. a couple of nights and days on tap. as the storm approaches, a little bit of light rain.
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>>pam: a new public opinion poll shows the president is the clear winner, take a look. according to the new york times poll, the president would be the santorum and a hypothetical matchups. here is how the president would do against mitt romney. in a matchup with ron paul the president would receive 50% of the vote to 39%. newt gingrich got the least amount of support at the polls. >>pam: not long ago there was an earthquake 3 mi. south of vallejo. a magnitude 3.7. we will keep an eye on developments associated with that and be right back.
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it's brand
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>> an earthquake has just struck, a 3.7 magnitude about 3 mi. south of a vallejo in the crotch area. no reports of injuries or damage. bart has stopped trains to inspect tracks. about a 10 minute delay on all bart trains. the 3.7 magnitude earthquake. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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>>pam: we're keeping you up to date on a developing
6:28 pm
story, a magnitude 3.7 earthquake hit at 6:09 p.m. in the east bay. it was centered near crockett and vallejo in the area indicated on the math serious it is about 6 mi. deep. no major damage assessed theater with this earthquake.
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>>pam: developing news at this hour, a moderate earthquake hit at 6:09 p.m.. you're looking at the kron4 seismograph which we understand it registered the earth quake. it was a 3.7 magnitude earthquake centered near crockett and vallejo. we want to check in with jacqueline bennett, she has been gathering information associated with the earth quake. >>jaqueline: there is the location of the earthquake. a magnitude 3.7.
6:31 pm
it hit about 20 minutes ago. the location is just south of a vallejo. a relatively shallow earthquake. earthquake magnitudes in the 3-4 range are often felt but rarely cause damage. we did get a phone call from todd and didn't who said he did feel it. let's go back to where the earthquake hit. in vallejo right here on the delta. its 3.7 magnitude that hit about 20 minutes ago. a depth of 5.8 mi.. >>pam: we have a viewer on the phone who lives in vallejo near the epicenter of the earthquake.
6:32 pm
caller hello. we did not know what happened. both ends felt like a household living, but nothing inside moved. we all ran outside.
6:33 pm
>>pam: at your neighbors or outside because they felt the shaking as well? >> yes. >>pam: but there is the damage? >> not inside. thick >>pam: thank you for calling into letting us know what the experience was like for you. again, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit at 6:09 p.m.. it was a moderate earthquake in the area of crockett and vallejo. bart is running about 10 minutes late this year it's
6:34 pm
>>kimberlee: here is what some of our viewers had to say. >>pam: on the phone with us, jim allison with bart. >> right now we are expecting the tracks. the trains are operating in the manual mode going slowly to make sure there is no
6:35 pm
damage. what we're sure there is no damage to the will get back to full speed. this is not a major earthquake from our perspective. >>pam: is the entire system affected? >> the entire system. we stopped every train. the trains stop and we check of 44 stations and one of 4 mi. of track.
6:36 pm
>>pam: we have someone on the phone with us from the u.s. geological survey. >> i am a mining geologists. >>pam: take it to joining us. what can you fill us in on about the earthquake that just occurred? >> a very interesting situation occurred. with this one i actually heard and then it felt it within a few seconds.
6:37 pm
it was a strange sound. a troubling. difficult to describe. it was more of a sensory perception. that, all the sudden it was an immediate slam, and large bank. an extremely strong force that emanated efforts. >>pam: this was more like eight jolt? >> yes! that immediately triggered by mind that the epicenter was close or immediately below. >>pam: where are you located? >> glen cove. i live across from the carquinez bridge. >>pam: we do not often hear people say they heard the earth quake. you actually heard a loud
6:38 pm
noise? >> yes. >>pam: is there any damage at your location? >> there is not. i have only been in this region for about a year. this is the third earthquake that i felt and the first one that i have ever heard. that is very unique to me as an earth scientists. >>pam: i thank you very much.
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>>grant: eight 3.7 magnitude earthquake has struck 3 mi. southeast of vallejo. it is very near crockett off
6:42 pm
periods just within the hour a 3.7 magnitude earthquake. a lot of people reported hearing a loud noise followed by a sharp jolt. it happened 5.8 mi. below the ground. bart has stopped trains but they have begun moving again. up to 10 minute delays on bart lines throughout the state if all of bart. they stop the trains after an earthquake to make sure the tracks are ok. trains are back up and running again. we would like to hear from you if you felt or heard this earthquake.
6:43 pm
>>pam: we have another caller on the lane, she look, what was it like for you? >> i of american get it. i heard a big noise. it sounded like a truck was driving by. a big truck. i could hear the glasses in my kitchen clanking. >>pam: how long did it last? >> not very long. and while >>pam: was there any damage at your home? >> not where i can see.
6:44 pm
only bridling at glasses. when >>pam: data for calling us. again, our developing story, at 6:09 p.m. a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit in the east bay near vallejo. people are feeling it fifth for the gannett is a moderate earthquake. fit seems at this point that things are under control. we will take a break and we will be back with our sports director gary radnich. he will be talking to the high school coach of the german land.
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if f safe b
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in >>gary: i thought about you in during the earthquake. >>pam: were you worried? >>gary: i am glad that he made it through.
6:48 pm
jeremy lin has done it again! this is a fantastic stuff. this is tonight for madison square garden against the sacramento kings. six-05 jeremy lin control and a point guard position. -- 6-0. look at this. assist after assist. 13 assists, five rebounds. the knicks are blowing up sacramento. jeremy lin cannot be stopped. vern glenn has a very interesting story about what everyone missed. >>vern: it is "lin-sanity", what has happened to this
6:49 pm
unlikely superstar at one time castoff from the warriors and the rockets. this was the media assembled in toronto before his game-winning heroics. no player in nba history has scored more points in his first five starts in jeremy lin. he is the first chinese- american nba player. no one saw "lin-sanity" coming, least of all the warriors. >> if you tell me i was stupid to let it go, we have to stand up to that. >>vern: gerry reilly cut lane at this year's training camp. six years ago he was lawn by defenders at palo alto high school, winning the 2006 state title shooting around and over. there were no college athletic scholarships waiting period and ivy league education at harvard and sued. he went undrafted by the nba in 2010. it's the warriors or the
6:50 pm
only team that signed him. he gained immediate cult following that the warriors defensive guards needed a big man and he became expendable. the knicks claim them off of waivers in 2011. the knicks nearly cut in two weeks ago. since he took over point guard duties and became the most talked-about star, the knicks are 6-0 as a host the sacramento kings tonight. >>gary: look at this story. every day there is something news. he was sleeping on his brother's couch. now, he is staying in trump towers. he had no scholarship offers out of high school. you were his high school coach. what did ever witness? >> recruiting is all about
6:51 pm
definitive statistics. it is all about numbers the could report to the head coach. 6 ft. 4 in., definitive skills, he is a great shooter. jeremy, that is not his game. we spoke a year or so ago, his game is all about the intangibles. >>gary: what about people who look at him and say, he is asian, he cannot play. >> i do not think the focus is that his agent. he it is not... thick i did think he is a pioneer, something new. >>gary: why did he make it with the warriors? >> the warriors have to be
6:52 pm
credited with signing him. i think they underestimated. i thought they could get him back after he cleared waivers. >>gary: does he have a girlfriend? does he just live in the gym? >> school, basketball and his religion. we are about to play the second championship, his junior year, he called me at 11:00 p.m. the night before and broke his ankle because he was lane at the ymca. >>gary: but you guys made elsewhere, you guys won the championships.
6:53 pm
he wanted to go to stanford, but what happened? >> just like cal and ucla, he was just too small. his body has changed dramatically over the last six years. >> it is "lin-sanity". >> can you believe this is happening to you? >> no. >>gary: what do you think? ddt is totally shocked? -- do you think he is totally shocked was to mark >> he has the confidence that is absolutely out of this world. >>gary: we will be back in a
6:54 pm
moment. announcer: the upper deck of the bay bridge will be closed this president's day weekend from friday february 17th-tuesday february 21st. visit our web site for updates. during the closure, bridges, transit and the theory services will have increased services. motorists will experience a slight change in the roadway.
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taft's fought thought
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>>gary: there is no bigger story in sports right now been jeremy lin. we will have more coming up
6:57 pm
at 8:00 p.m.. in the meantime, stay safe. for >>pam: will be back tonight at 8:00 p.m.. bay area !
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verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together. exclusive information about who was on the jet as whitney houston's body was returned home to new jersey. >> and we take a look back at whitney and bobby's wedding video with her $40,000 gown. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. ♪ they can't take away my dignity ♪ >> police are focusing on the pill bottles they found in her room. >> they have subpoenaed severa doctors. news on the drug probe. what whitney's just released death certificate revealed. and -- >> the drug dealers are now the doctors. >> and new questions now over whether houston was abusing more than just pills and alcohol before her death. >> is it possible that she could have done cocaine on that day? >> yes. as a


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